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Thank you #GQromania and @DennisLeupold for an awesome shoot today! And #churchstreetboxinggym for having us! Place is legendary… #gnlstudios #dennisleupoldphotography


dear GQ romania, 

you’ve killed us all






what if concerts were actually like this, where no one would fuckin push each other around, just be happy and jump and shit

they are like this, it’s an actual footage from an actual concert…

All i see is this fricking guy in red on the bottom right corner not having coordination with 3000 people around him

I’m only reblogging for the guy in red

"no pushing around" ahahaha I guess you’ve never been to 30 seconds to mars concert… (and this footage is from their video)

Well I guess YOU have never been there because I have seen them live many times and one of the reasons I’ll never do it again are all the fucking teenagers pushing around behaving like shit so you can just go fuck yourself, thank you!

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The battle has begun. See #DraculaUntold in theaters now.

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People Like Us interview - Chris Pine

5,000 posts!

Pass it on, boys. That’s the game I want you to learn.

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top five favorite co-stars || hayley atwell and dominic cooper

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Emma + fans

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"Sir, Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on the line."

"I’m not in. I’m actually out."

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